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NFL Draft Picks from Manatee High School: A Legacy of Excellence

Manatee High School, located in Bradenton, Florida, has a rich history of nurturing talented football players who later went on to make their mark in the NFL. The school's football program, with its tradition of excellence, has consistently produced athletes who have been picked by top NFL teams. This article takes a glance back in history to highlight some of these remarkable players.

  1. Ed Culpepper (1955): A formidable defensive lineman, Ed Culpepper was chosen by the Packers during the 9th round. Before turning heads in the NFL, he showcased his skills at the University of Alabama.

  2. Bill Anderson (1958): As a 3rd round pick for the Redskins, Anderson was a tight-end prodigy, having honed his skills at the University of Tennessee.

  3. Roger Pettee (1965): Pettee, with his impressive gameplay, caught the attention of the Dallas Cowboys who drafted him in the 5th round. He played as a linebacker while representing the University of Florida.

  4. Richard Trapp (1968): Showcasing remarkable speed and skill, Trapp was a wide receiver who was picked by the Bills in the 3rd round. His formative years were spent at the University of Florida.

  5. Henry Lawrence (1974): Displaying immense strength and agility, Lawrence was a 1st round draft pick by the Raiders. Before entering the NFL, he played offensive line at Florida A&M University.

  6. Alvoid Mays (1989): Mays made waves as a defensive back and was chosen by the Oilers during the 8th round. His collegiate years were spent at West Virginia.

  7. Tyrone Williams (1996): A 3rd round pick for the Packers, Williams was a force to reckon with as a defensive back. He proudly represented the University of Nebraska.

  8. Ace Sanders (2013): Sanders, known for his agility and speed, was a 4th round pick for the Jaguars. He played wide receiver while at the University of South Carolina.

  9. Demarcus Christmas (2019): A dominant defensive lineman, Christmas was selected by the Seahawks during the 6th round. He fine-tuned his football skills at Florida State University.

In conclusion, Manatee High School's football program has not only contributed to the NFL but has also been instrumental in shaping the careers of many young athletes. These nine players, representing just a fraction of the talent emanating from the school, have left an indelible mark on the sport, and the legacy continues. As the years go by, it's a certainty that Manatee will continue to be a reservoir of talent, nurturing future generations of NFL stars.

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