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The Voice of the Hurricanes: Dave Bristow, Manatee High School Sports Announcer For over three decades, Dave Bristow was more than just a voice; he was the heart of Manatee High School's football community. Known as "the Voice of the Hurricanes," Bristow dedicated 33 years to calling games, providing play-by-play commentary that became synonymous with Friday night lights in Manatee County. Bristow's passion for sports and community was evident in his dual role as the Public Information Officer for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and as the beloved announcer for Manatee High School football games. His broadcasts on 930 WLSS AM were a staple for fans, bringing the excitement of high school football to life with his distinctive voice and keen eye for detail. Beyond the press box, Bristow's contributions were significant. He helped raise $2 million for the team's video board and spearheaded the video streaming of games, achieving record viewership during the 2012 championship game. His dedication extended off the field, where he forged deep personal connections with colleagues and community members alike. Dave Bristow's legacy is celebrated not only for his professional achievements but also for his unwavering commitment to his community. His sudden passing in 2018 at the age of 59 left a profound void. Yet, his influence endures through the memories he created and the scholarship fund established in his honor, supporting students at the University of Florida, his alma mater. As Manatee High School continues to play, Bristow's spirit remains ever-present, reminding us all of the power of community and the lasting impact of one dedicated individual.


Celebrating Edwin "Eddie" Mulock: Broadcaster and avid supporter of the Manatee Hurricanes Edwin "Eddie" Mulock, a name synonymous with Manatee High School sports, left an indelible mark on the community of Bradenton, Florida. Born on November 7, 1943, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Eddie moved to Bradenton, where he graduated from Manatee High School in 1961. He went on to earn a law degree from Stetson University in 1968, embarking on a distinguished career as an attorney in Manatee County. Eddie's passion for sports, particularly football, led him to become the beloved voice of Friday night Manatee High School football radio. His deep, resonant voice and insightful commentary made him a staple in the homes of many local families who tuned in to catch the Hurricanes' games. Beyond his role as a sports announcer, Eddie was also an accomplished drummer in his school band, showcasing his versatile talents from a young age. His contributions to the community extended far beyond the football field. Eddie was a tireless advocate for children, chairing the Children's Services Advisory Board and serving on various committees dedicated to youth welfare. One of his most significant achievements was founding the Foundation for Dreams and Dream Oaks Camp, a non-profit organization that provides camping experiences for children with special needs. This initiative has brought joy and respite to countless families in the area. Eddie's life was a testament to resilience and generosity. He survived three organ transplants—a heart, liver, and kidney—defying the odds and continuing to serve his community with unwavering dedication. His accolades include being named Top Attorney of North America, receiving the Martin Luther King’s Outstanding Citizenship Award, the Tampa Bay Trial Association of Justice Award, and the Lifetime Spirit of Manatee Award. On May 18, 2022, Eddie Mulock passed away at the age of 78, leaving behind a legacy of service, compassion, and community spirit. He is survived by his children, Brett, Amanda, Jeb, Krystal, and Lance, along with many grandchildren. A Celebration of Life Service was held in his honor at Manatee High School's auditorium, a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much to the school and the broader community. Eddie Mulock's name will forever be etched in the hearts of those he touched, and his contributions to Manatee High School and the Bradenton community will be remembered for generations to come.

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