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Manatee High Dominates in Nail-Biter Against Lake Minneola

In a display of sheer dominance and resiliency, the Manatee High School football team solidified its reputation as one of the top high school football programs. Their recent game against Lake Minneola showcased the depth of talent, both offensively and defensively.

Players of the Week

  • Offensive: Ramsey Cole #7

  • Defensive: Elijah Perry #11

  • Special Teams: Ty’ron Jackson #3

Manatee's offense set the field ablaze with 29 attempts, completing 16 for a whopping 132 yards. Although they faced one interception, they swiftly countered with a touchdown. On the ground, the Hurricanes rumbled through with 46 rushes amassing a staggering 197 yards and four touchdowns.

The match's dramatic turn came early in the first quarter. A swift pick-6 by Christian Johnson, followed by Joey Colonneso's 22-yard field goal, saw Manatee lead 10-0. The momentum stayed with the Hurricanes as Cade Weiskopf secured a 3-yard catch, ending the first quarter with a 17-0 lead.

The second quarter, however, saw a shift. Lake Minneola retaliated, scoring three successive touchdowns, flipping the scoreline and leading 21-17 by halftime. But, Manatee, known for their resilience, fought back. Cory Sanders pierced through with a 1-yard run, leveling the score. Another touchdown by Andrew Heidel in the third quarter again swung the momentum back in favor of the Hurricanes.

As the final quarter approached, it was Trayvon Pinder's up-the-middle run that surged Manatee ahead, despite a missed extra point. The relentless Hurricanes didn’t stop there. Kei'Shawn Smith added the final touch, and Manatee celebrated a well-deserved win against the Hawks with a score of 46-27.


  • Warrior Award: Presented to the gritty Ean Johnson-Kelley.

  • Scout Team Honors: For the offense, Jalen Bryant #12 shone through, while the defense's accolades went to Elijah Torrez #52.

The match displayed why Manatee High School's football program is revered. Their ability to bounce back under pressure, coupled with tactical precision, ensures they remain a team to watch this season.

Final Score: Manatee High School 46, Lake Minneola 27.

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