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Manatee Hurricanes Display Dominance in 49-0 Rout Over Southeast Seminoles

In a display of football might and tactical prowess, the Manatee Hurricanes delivered a masterclass performance, shutting out the Southeast Seminoles 49-0 in a home non-conference matchup that cemented their prowess on the field.

Defensive Juggernauts and Offensive Brilliance

The game commenced with a tone-setting play as Alvoid Kennon defied Southeast's attempt to put early points on the board with a blocked field goal. The Hurricanes then swiftly transitioned to offense where Trayvon Pinder showcased his rushing talents with a 16-yard dash, ultimately finding the end zone with a 4-yard TD. The subsequent extra point propelled Manatee to a 7-0 lead.

The Hurricanes' defense, unrelenting and incisive, then shone brightly with Daron Jean intercepting a Southeast pass on 3rd and 15. Capitalizing on this turnover, quarterback Andrew Heidel delivered a striking 79-yard pass to Bon Bean Jr., setting the stage for a 6-yard passing TD to Farrakhan Shannon, doubling the Hurricanes' lead.

Heidel's arm wasn't done for the night. After another significant gain of 22 yards to Bean Jr., Trayvon Pinder punctuated the drive with an 11-yard rushing TD. By halftime, Manatee's lead was an insurmountable 28-0, courtesy of yet another Pinder rush into the end zone.

Second-Half Steamroll

Continuing their dominance, Heidel connected with Torey Gilley for a gain of 19 yards before finding Bean Jr. again for a 36-yard passing TD. The defense, not to be outshone, showcased a collaborative sack by Kennon, Max Freeman, and Jeremiah Straughter-Brown. Then, Ty’Ron Jackson and Najeh Sexil contributed rushing yards and a touchdown, respectively, rounding off the Hurricanes' scoring for the night.

Special Teams and Defensive Accolades

Not only did the offense and defense excel, but special teams also contributed to the win, with Tristan Titus recovering a fumble, thus thwarting any momentum the Seminoles might have garnered.

Honoring Excellence: Players of the Week

  • Offensive Player of the Week honors were shared by quarterback Andrew Heidel and his target Bon "BJ" Bean, whose synergy on the field was nothing short of electrifying.

  • Defensive Player of the Week was awarded to Daron Jean, whose interceptions were pivotal in maintaining the Hurricanes' momentum.

  • Special Teams Player of the Week accolades went to Yahir Diaz for his exemplary performance.

  • Additional commendations were given to Damontez McDowell as the Warrior of the Week, with Keith Smith and EJ recognized for their roles on the scout offense and defense, respectively.

The Offensive Play of the Game was credited to BJ Bean for a standout touchdown, while the Defensive Play of the Game accolade was bestowed upon Daron Jean for his critical interception.

The Hurricanes will carry their relentless drive and strategic excellence into the regional quarterfinals against the Charlotte Fightin’ Tarpons, where the No. 2 seeded Manatee will seek to extend their formidable run.

The Manatee Hurricanes' victory over the Southeast Seminoles was a testament to their cohesion, resilience, and unmatched skill—traits they hope to continue exhibiting as they advance deeper into the post-season with their sights set on championship glory.

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